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​Harlescott Education Centre



Primary-age children are placed at the Service’s Harlescott Education Centre, usually on a shared placement, remaining on roll with their mainstream primary school.​




Aims of Harlescott Education Centre

Our key aim is to develop a highly effective, responsive Pupil Referral Unit which meets the needs of pupils with social, emotional, mental health and medical needs by:


  • ​ensuring the safety of pupils by creating a secure environment.
  • providing a high quality learning experience appropriate to the individual needs of the pupils.
  • maintaining pupils' programmes in their local community as far as possible.
  • offering professional assessment of the primary need of the pupils to inform their future placements.
  • supporting reintegration back into full-time education at the earliest opportunity.
  • working collaboratively with schools and professional agencies in order to provide an outstanding educational experience.


Harlescott Centre's School day


​9:15​Morning session commences
​10:25-10:40​Break time
​12:00​Pupils leave to attend mainstream school.
​13:00​Afternoon session commences
​14:00-14:10​Break time
​15:00​End of school day

PE every Wednesday for both morning and afternoon groups.

Forest School Sessions every Thursday morning throughout the Summer Term for selected pupils.


Harlescott Centre Teaching Staff 

​Head of Primary
Deputy Head of Service
​Mr ​Portman
Assistant Head of TMBSS - Primary
Maths Co-ordinator
​Mr Pearson
​Centre Manager
Science Co-ordinator​
Mrs Lyth​​
Specialist Teacher (KS1)
KS1 Co-ordinator
Literacy Coordinator
​Miss Pope
​Specialist Teacher (KS2)​​Miss Snow
​​Specialist Teacher (KS2)​Mr Brown
​Specialist Teacher​Mrs Miles


The ​​​​​Safer School Policy​

Harlescott Education Centre were first 'Safer Schools' accredited in 2010. We were delighted to have this renewed for 3 more years in April 2016.

Safer School Policy.pdf

safer school logo.jpg