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Children of statutory school age, who are attending hospital or are too ill to attend school, are taught at two hospital sites;  Alice Ward at The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust, Gobowen (RJAH) and on Wards 19 and 20 at The Princess Royal Hospital, Telford (PRH). 

Teaching is carried out in a variety of locations including at the bedside and in the main schoolroom areas. Hospital teaching serves as both a therapeutic and academic function where we aspire to motivate and engage children in their learning. 

At RJAH, Alice Ward has 16 beds and admits children routinely for planned orthopaedic surgery and rehabilitation. Children may be admitted as a day case or for longer periods of physiotherapy and hydrotherapy sessions. 

During term-time, the teacher on Alice Ward works closely with the physiotherapy team to ensure that a child’s education may continue alongside their individualised physiotherapy programme.  

At PRH Ward 19 has 36 beds and is a general paediatric Ward where children are admitted with a variety of medical conditions. Patients can be short stay, long stay or recurrent, a few are planned admissions. Ward 20 is the Paediatric Oncology and Haematology Ward and has 5 beds, patients here are recurrent and tend to have longer stays they are often planned admissions. 

There is a teacher available for the equivalent of three and a half days a week at PRH who prioritises long stay and recurrent patients. 



In addition to the aims and ethos of the whole service our centres work to achieve the following:​


  • To provide an enjoyable and enriching learning experience for all children within the National Curriculum. To develop creative, individualised learning programmes appropriate to each child’s needs and abilities.
  • To maintain effective liaison with a child’s school to ensure continuity and progression across the curriculum and reduce levels of anxiety for children and their families about schoolwork. 
  • To motivate and engage children in their learning where school becomes an integral part of their rehabilitation. 
  • To nurture self-esteem and confidence and maintain a sense of normality during a child’s stay in hospital. 
  • To support families and carers and work closely with other professionals involved in their care. 

Medical Home Tuition 

Consultants can make referrals to TMBSS for pupils to receive a period of medical home tuition. This provision is for those who are medically unfit to attend school but have been discharged from hospital. In consultation with the home school TMBSS can provide an appropriate home tutor who will liaise closely with the pupil’s home school and the hospital teacher. A reintegration to school or integration into alternative provision can be set up when the pupil is deemed medically fit. 


Whilst working at either hospital site, staff and pupils follow the e-safety and Wi-fi policies of those institutions.

Medical Service Staff

​Specialist Teacher (Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Hospital)
​Mrs Portman
​Specialist Teacher (Princess Royal Hospital)
​​Mrs Caldicott


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