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​​​​Pupil Premium Grant​

The Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) is a Department for Education funding scheme to help improve the life chances of pupils from a disadvantaged background. Funding to each school is based on the number of pupils who fall within a set of agreed categories. Those children who are eligible are those in receipt of Free School Meals (FSM), those who have been looked after (LAC) for more than 6 months and children of armed services personnel.


TMBSS receive funding for those children who fall into the categories outlined above and are exclusively attending (have sole registration) one of our provisions. The number of children fluctuates due to the nature of our service being a short term provision. Therefore funding is calculated proportionately, based on the January School census.  The Service's Pupil Premium Strategy will be reviewed at the start of each academic year.​

The following is a summary of the funding received by TMBSS and how it has been used to benefit the children of the service.

PPG strategy 2017-8.pdf

Predicted funding for 2016/7

The amount of funding for 2016/7 was predicted to be £60,000. £18,000 for LAC and £42,000 for FSM. 

The actual allocation was £47, 456. £20,681 for LAC and £26,595 for FSM.

Objective for Secondary age provision: To prioritise Literacy as a tool to access learning.

To engage children in reading.

To identify and narrow gaps in attainment in reading.  

Planned Strategies  

The funding will provide a designated specialist teacher within the service who can offer targeted Literacy support and bespoke packages for our young people. This is to further the emphasis on reading skills across the service by raising the skills of staff with a range of strategies to engage young people in reading.  

The initiative will also target pupils with identified literacy needs. It is expected that all pupils will have made significant progress in closing the gap in Reading Age as a result. 

Objective for Primary age provision: To identify gaps in mathematical knowledge and attainment between Pupil Premium children and their peers.

To accelerate learning and progress of Pupil Premium children, in order to narrow these gaps. 
Planned Strategies  

  • The funding will be used to subscribe to the iTrack programme, to accurately assess children against the 2014 curriculum. This will enable teachers and Senior Leaders to analyse data in a more detailed way. 

  • The funding will also be used to purchase a comprehensive series of assessments in Maths, Reading and Spelling and Punctuation to help identify gaps in knowledge and plan accordingly.

Pupil Premium Grant 2015/6

Click the link below to read a detailed analysis of the impact of Pupil Premium Grant on progress throughout the whole service during the Academic Year 2015-6.​
PPG analysis 15-16.pdf

Pupil Premium Grant 2014/15

​Amount of funding​Number of pupils eligible​​Total
Primary ​Free School Meals (Ever 6) ​​£1323​2​£2,646
​Secondary ​Free School Meals (Ever 6) ​£934​15​£14,025
​Services Children (Ever 4)​£300​0​£0
​Looked After Children​£16,50018£16,500


Objective for Secondary age provision: To improve attainment in literacy and numeracy.

  • Additional support for literacy and numeracy
  • Mathematics software
  • Setting up of Access team to encourage attendance and greater access to vocational courses

Objective for Primary age provision: To improve access to a range of ICT equipment and programmes.

The funding has been used to purchase 12 iPads. This is to ensure the children are developing the skills needed to achieve in an ever changing world. The iPads allow the children to access and develop their learning in new and creative ways.